St. Anthony came through once again!!! WOO HOO!!!

After going through every paper in the entire house, I found the paper I was looking for!!

Something kept telling me to look on the snack bar one more time. When I got home from work, I looked (for the thousandth time) on the snack bar again and there it was right next to my flowerpot full of pens!


Its amazing how that one little thing like that can make you stress out so much. I knew I had just had the paper out, I knew I didn't throw it away, but I couldn't find it for the life of me. It drove me crazy going over and over in my head the places I had looked and where else it could possibly be. Could I have moved it? Where was the last place I had seen it FOR SURE?

I felt instant relief the moment I laid eyes on it.

Tomorrow, I'll take Mike's truck in to be inspected, pick up the deer (Steaks! YEAH!) and visit my Mom. She lives just down the road from the deer processor's place. Then, I'll spend some quality time with my vacuum sealer as I package up the deer meat for freezing. It will be a lot of work, but well worth it when I can just pass up the meat at the grocery store.

A lot of people are grossed out by the prospect of eating venison, but it is actually much leaner than beef and it has more iron in it as well. We have sausage mixed in with the hamburger so it isn't dry. The taste of it depends heavily on how it is prepared. I don't really notice the difference from deer to beef.

When we moved into this house, our neighbor brought over some squirrel that he had cooked with wild mushrooms, peppers and onions in a gravy. It was really good!

Is there any unusual food or wild game that you enjoy?


Holly said...

is the deer processor off Center Rd? That's where my dad always had his done when I was in high school. I helped my uncle make some sausage (from part of a deer he'd gotten the weekend before, mixed with some pork) when I was in town a couple weeks ago. What is it about that area and folks eating deer? I am not complaining, though, since I brought a big pack of steaks home myself (along with about 5 other cuts). Enjoy!

Margaret said...

squirrel? seriously?

I am too much of a city girl.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

uh, pick one....

Stephanie said...

Isn't that always the way. You can't find it and then suddenly it is there! Never had squirrel. We eat lots of wild plants, but venison is really the only meat.

Michelle said...

My husband has learned to make me try things BEFORE he tells me what they are! Otherwise I never would!

Rebekah said...

Glad you found your paper. I hate not being able to find what I am lookin for.
Send some deer steaks my way would ya.