All In A Day.

Don't you hate it when you can't find something you just saw?

We need to get the electronic rust inhibitor on Mike's truck inspected. The lifetime warranty is void if you don't get it inspected once a year. They mark the date of inspection on the certificate, but we can't find it!

I know I just had the thing because I had to call the manufacturer to find out where the nearest dealer licensed to do the inspection was located. The dealer who installed it and inspected it for us each year has closed. I would swear I put the certificate in Mike;s glove compartment after I made an appointment, but it isn't there. It also isn't in any other place in the whole house!!!

The last time I really remember seeing it, it was sitting on the snack bar in our kitchen- AKA paper mountain. This is the spot that everyone throws everything when they walk in the door, or when they don't know where to put something, or when they can't manage to put something in the place it DOES belong.

Long story short (I realize that's probably a moot point at this juncture), it isn't behind/under the fridge, on the snack bar, in my purse, in my car, in the truck, on the kitchen table, on the dining room table, on either end table, in our room, in the drawers in the kitchen or in any other conceivable place.


I'll find it.


I hope!

St. Anthony, HELP!!!!

On another note, go over and wish Mandy good luck. They just listed their house with a real estate agent. They have 60 days left to sell their house so they can buy the one they want.

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Mandy said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes!