Eleven Inches!!!!

I finally got my hair cut off to donate! I was able to get 11 inches!

I have always had long hair. The shortest it had ever been was a bob style in high school. It grows really fast, so that cut didn't last long. I also don't like getting my hair cut. It has nothing to do with fear of losing part of my identity or anything like that. I just don't like anyone playing with my hair, brushing it for me, or styling it. It gives me serious chills down my spine and whenever someone sprays water on the back of my head, it just about puts me through the roof. It sends a shock down my back that I can't even explain. I despise it!!!

I have donated my hair before, but the last time, I wanted to donate more than the usual minimum of 6 inches. I decided to get my hair cut very short to be able to do so. Lucky thing I did because the donation minimum had been changed and I needed to have that 10 inches! That was 2 years ago.

It took me that long to grow the short style out, get it all to one length and get enough length to donate again. Since then, I have been growing it out with the intent of getting enough length to donate and have a bob style cut afterward.

Now, I won't have to wait as long as I grow the short style out of it and go through all of the awkward stages in between. WHEW!

I know Stephanie has donated her hair in the past. Have any of you ever done anything like this?


Jen M said...

Well done, you have done a wonderful thing. I know how good you feel - I've twice donated 12 inches of very thick hair :o)

Margaret said...

we need to see pictures!!!

I've never done that. Can't keep m hair one style long enough.

Stephanie said...

I'm planning to grow mine out again to donate. Got a ways to go yet though.

Rebekah said...

That is such a cool thing. My hair grows too slow.
Lets see some pics