Bathroom Talk (Not THAT Kind!)

Though I'd never build another house (the one I have is perfect and I'd prefer not to go through the experience again), I'd like to do it all over with the technology and access we have today. Mike and I use the internet A LOT to compare prices and to "window shop" before we buy. I am constantly amazed by the array of online stores and choices in those stores that is available.

Take the bathroom for example. Shopping for taps, bathtubs and bathroom accessories would have been so much easier with internet access. We could have shopped at a place like Taps4Less.com and had virtually every type of bathroom gadget or accessory you could ever want at our fingertips at any time of the day or night.

Mind you, I don't want to change what we have in our bathrooms now and I don't want to even think about remodeling (that's one of the reasons we built in the first place). I still dream of things like Hudson Reed Series Heated Towel Rails. Wouldn't it be nice to step out of the shower and have a nice warm towel? Ahhhh!

Even though our bathroom is nowhere near big enough, I could be swayed into sitting in a nice hot tub now and then. Of course, I'd probably never be able to get the boys or my nieces out of a hot tub if we installed one. Can't say I'd blame them on that one.

So what would you add to or change in your bathroom if you needed to?

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