What Could Be Thriftier Than Free??

In the absence of Nifty-Thrifty Thursday, I am doing something that should have been done long ago- giving something away!!!

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a nice lady from a company and they wanted me to review a product for them and tell you all about it.

I received a package a few days later with 2 Glad SimplyCooking Microwave Steam Bags. They are bags meant specifically for, well, steaming food in the microwave!

After reading the instructions, I decided to make potatoes in the first bag. I seasoned the potatoes with dry onion soup mix and a little bit of vegetable oil. No liquid is required for the bags to do their magic. Just add your veggies to the bag, zip it closed and microwave away!

To my amazement, they worked VERY WELL!!! The potatoes were cooked very evenly and they were soft and juicy, but not mushy.
The second bag had to have a tougher test for me to be really impressed. I decided on eggs.

Now, if you've ever cooked eggs in the microwave, you've only done it once because if they didn't get totally ruined, they were as rubbery as a Goodyear tire.

The poeple at Glad have solved that problem with these steaming bags. I whisked 2 eggs with milk and added the mixture to the bag. I microwaved according to the directions and out came a soft, fluffy, HEAVENLY omelette! I topped it with cheese and all the clean up I had was throwing the bag away!!

Glad Microwave Steaming Bags are a great way to steam veggies for a healthy side dish or to make a quick breakfast. I liked them so much that I emailed back and asked for a box to give away to one lucky reader!!!

To be entered to win one 10 count box of Glad SimplyCooking Microwave Steaming Bags, simply leave one comment on this post before midnight EST on November 10th. Multiple comments will be deleted. Comments will be numbered in the order they are received and a number wll be chosen using a random number generator. Then, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! A link would be appreciated, but is not necessary. You do not have to have a blog to enter.
Check back here Sunday after 4PM EST and I'll announce the winner then. Good Luck!!!


Joanna said...

I've seen these in the stores and wondered if they work well. Thanks for the report! I would love to try them out (and, if I don't win, I might try them anyway!)

Lisa said...

my fav soap actress was in a magazine advertising these last month LOL I wondered if they really do work! Thanks for the info flybuddy!

Margaret said...

Oooh....specially since I am on the Biggest Loser contest at work - steaming veggies would eally help!!!

delilah said...

Sign me up. I love free stuff.

Michelle said...

I didnt know glad made these bags too! I love the zip lock ones! Count me in!

Lisa said...

Ohhh. How cool is that! I needs me some of them! Thanks for the 411.