Where Does The Time Go?

The summer went so fast! One moment I am sitting on the little beach at my friend's pond, squishing the sand and cool water between my toes while the kids jump off the diving board or try to catch fish in their nets, and the next moment I am being approached to buy High School Musical tickets for the fall Drama Club production.

It has been a blur.

I am not the world's best decorator (not by a long shot), but I did promise to show you the pictures of my little decorating jaunt from a couple of days ago, so here are a couple (sorry for the blurriness):

Then, I caught a glimpse of the orange and purple sunset this evening and thought that no one can decorate like God, so here are some of the vignettes He put together:
OH! And for the record, in the center of the last pic, you can just make out the table sitting in the center of the Havenosense's back yard (to the left of the shed). And YES, those are STILL SITTING THERE from the picnic/hayride they had IN JULY!!!


Michelle said...

The sky is amazing! And your decorations are so cute! I have had a hard time getting into holiday decorating since I started working!

Margaret said...

I am actually looking out our back window at a similarly colored sunset. Mother Nature is quite an artist....