Hersheys And Snickers And Twix, Oh My!

Yes. Last night was our town's annual Trick-or-treat night and the boys had a blast!
Matthew dressed up as a Mummy and Steven went as Scooby Doo. Here they are before the big jaunt around town:
Steven is curling up his "paw" and doing his "Rorry!" pose that he has become famous for since inheriting the costume from a friend. He's donned the Scooby suit daily for the last few weeks and run amok in the house entertaining anyone within ear shot with his Scooby lines picked up from the movies and the show.
We traipsed the streets of town combing the houses for porch lights indicating candy up for grabs, weaving in and out of the crowds waving and talking to those we could recognize. We usually only visit houses of people we know, but in such a small town, we know just about everyone. We used the full hour and a half and the boys were satisfied with their haul. I was happy that they didn't have too much. Otherwise, I'd need to get a three-month supply of
hoodia patches to help burn off the extra calories!

The boys kept commenting about the moon and how creepy it looked, so I took a few shots:

I thought those would be a nice follow up to my sunset photos from the other day.


Joanna said...

Funny you guys should notice the moon- last night was the biggest, brightest moon of 2007. I was ready to get my camera & my telescope out, but it was (and still is) solidly overcast here. Looks like you guys had a great time! The costumes are great!

Beth said...

Those photos of the moon are beautiful. And the sunsets were gorgeous as well!!

Oh, and about the snowbirds. We live in MA and my inlaws also own a condo in FL. Each year they leave earlier (we had "Thanksgiving" with them last week since they leave next week) and stay longer. We are thinking they will sell the MA home soon and look for an apartment or condo here - something with less upkeep.

Margaret said...

ummm...no trick or treating on wednesday??

Rebekah said...

Cool pictures of the moon

Scribbit said...

That's a Halloween moon for sure--how amazing.

Cheryl said...

Wow! You should send your shots into "weather warriors"