Move Over, Brett!

Matthew's football season is over for this year and we've got a few weeks of a break until basketball starts. He plays Upward basketball at a local church where he played last year.

Matthew's first season as Quarterback went pretty well considering he's never played that position before. He played Safety in flag football for a couple of years and played Cornerback last year (his first year of tackle).

They don't keep stats on the players, but Matthew generally only threw one incomplete pass per game, he pulled off the old Statue of Liberty play (fake pass) and he even threw one pass for a touchdown!!! Mike's Dad started calling him Brett (Favre). :o)
Matthew takes his football very seriously. He is always going over plays in his head- sometimes out loud- and he made a good quarterback because of the way he likes to analyze every situation. He likes to figure out which play will work for each situation. On the way home from games, he would often mention that they should have run this play or that route instead of what they actually did.
He puts his heart and soul into every game and has a lot of fun while playing. I think that's what every good player needs to do!

I guess I'd better look into getting Packers tickets for when he takes over for ol' Brett! LOL!


kailani said...

I bet he'll do very well!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like Matthew has the winning combination! Takes it serious, AND has fun playing the game. Sounds like how I feel about my job!

Stephanie said...

I bet your both proud! What a great kid!

Margaret said...

Yeah Brett!! I mean... Yeah Matthew!! :)