Sweet Memory

I have a few gold bracelets, but one of them is very special to me.

I was thinking about it this weekend because Saturday was Sweetest Day and that's when Mike gave it to me eleven years ago.

We had only been dating a couple of weeks at the time, but I had been eyeballing a sweater at the department store I worked at and decided to buy it for him. I had no idea if he even knew what Sweetest Day was and the thought of him buying anything for me hadn't even crossed my mind.

He bought me a beautiful twisted gold bracelet that matched a necklace he always wore. I put it on and couldn't wait until we went out to show everyone.

When I showed it to my friend's Mom, her comment was, "Wow, Heather! This guy really likes you!"

Less than a year later, we were married.

Its been over eleven years since that Sweetest Day night. He still wears that sweater (which he looks great in, BTW), I still wear that bracelet and we still really like each other. :o)

Happy Sweetest Day to my guys! I love you!!!


Michelle said...

What a sweet memory to have for Sweetest Day!

Rebekah said...

how very sweet!