Steven-ism #11

Steven calls Crickets "critics". Isn't that cute?!?!?


Tonight we sat down to supper and one of Steven's many, many, many drawings was still laying at his spot. I looked to see what he had drawn (they are always interesting, I'll tell you that much!) and it was a CUBE! I'm talking a 3-D cube! I have no idea how he learned to draw that and I couldn't find anything in the area that he may have copied it from.

When I asked him how he knew how to draw something like that he said he just knew.

Further proof that he is a genius in bloom! LOL!! :o)


Stephanie said...

That is talent! A budding artist at least! :)

TERI MANN said...

heather, that's a little spooky cause our aunt kay used to draw 3-d boxes all the time, maybe she is looking after you. for some reason children really liked being around her because she paid attention to them.