What I Did Today

I spent most of my day running up and down the basement steps today.

It all began while I was dusting. I was moving decorations to dust (I do that about once a year, you know) when all of a sudden, I got the urge to get all of my Fall decorations out. I had a few things on the porch, but my door was bare and was screaming for me to hang a wreath on it each time I looked at it. Before I knew it, I was being sucked into the basement.

I dashed down the steps, tripped over a piece of the kids slot cars track and found a bunch of decorations to drag back up with me. There were pottery pumpkins, plush pumpkins and plastic pumpkins EVERYWHERE! I also have a floral or two or three hundred for the season that I brought up.

Totally ignoring the fact that I had 2 baskets of clothes overflowing with clothes to be folded, I went to work. I set up a cute little vignette under a print I have hanging in the living room, re-did the basket hanging on the closet door and cleared off my half-wall between the kitchen and living room to make room for a decorative Jack-o-lantern.

I will have pictures up of them in the next couple of days, but by the time I got done trimming the yard, making supper and grocery shopping, it was too dark to get a decent picture of everything I put up. I also have about a zillion other things I want to bring up to decorate with.

What did you do today?

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