Lazy Day Turned Crazy Day

Today was supposed to be a lazy day for us... for the most part. Mike only had to work an hour overtime, so he decided he would go deer hunting afterwards. I planned on having a late supper so we could all eat together.

Things went as planned until an hour after Mike left. He popped his head back in the door and announced he needed the phone. He had shot a deer and needed his Dad's help. I ended up postponing supper for a little longer while I hosed off the deer cart and washed Mike's knife and he and his Dad took the deer to the check-in place. Then, when they got back, I had to wash up the knife, hatchet and saw he used since he had a little more 'field dressing' to do on it.

I was floored since Mike had just set up his stand on Sunday and this was his first day hunting this year. I am excited to have some meat coming for the freezer!

By the time I actually got supper finished up and we ate, it was almost time for the kids to get ready for bed. I am still reeling from all of the excitement. I should really be getting lunches packed and clothes laid out for tomorrow so I can sit and wind down before it is my bedtime.

Instead, I think I'll continue to blog. :o)

My sister in law has had a time the last few days as well. She just had to get a pump replaced in her washer, she had to meet with a life insurance salesman who has been harassing calling her for over a year, her husband's cell phone got dropped in water and her oven quit working! Talk about an insane weekend!!

I think I'm ready to finally get my evening wrapped up and relax a little bit before I hit the sack. Hope you all had a nice, quiet evening!

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Rebekah said...

Chuck waited for too long for the "big" deer last year and we didnt have any meat. I cant wait for him to get out there this year and bring me home a deer.