WFMW: Mini Car Organizer

***Update- I apologize. I was unaware that this was the brand-loyal edition of WFMW and I don't have time to type another post right now. I'll try to post the brand(s) I love next week. ***

What works for me this week is something I've been doing for a couple of years now. It really helps out with all of those little things you need in a pinch in the car.

To make my mini-car organizer, all you need is a large cup (a stadium cup or one of those huge plastic super-size drink cups would be great).

I put my cup in one of the cup holders in my car and use it to hold all of the little things that I might need: pencils, pens or personalized pens, hairbrush, hair ties, my hair nets for work, small pad of paper, sandwich bags (for when the kids get candy out of a machine or have food left over from a meal). The possibilities are endless!

I was concerned about losing one of my cup holders when I first started this, but I usually can set the cup somewhere on the floor for the time being and since it has no liquid in it, it won't hurt anything if it tips over.

This has been a real help for us. Maybe it will work for you too!

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Beth said...

Hey! I do that as well in my car. It has a hairbrush, pens, napkins, straws, bags, etc. It really helps me keep all those things together in one place.