I Can't Even Think of a Creative Title. Anyone???

I'm very tired right now and it's been a long, hot day. Here are some of the highlights for those who are interested:

~Steven started preschool today. He was so excited!! He had a great day and got to see his friends again. It was just what he needed. He took off right away with barely a kiss and a "goodbye". He's getting so big!

~I came home from work to see this story about a boy with cerebral palsy who had saved his Dad's life. What a hero!
~One of my babysitting kids wasn't dropped off by the bus today. It took about 4000 phone calls and driving to her house to pick her up to get it all straightened out. It was all just a miscommunication, but it really scared me when I got to her house and she wasn't there yet. The bus showed up just then and I brought her home. Whew!

~Matthew has been invited to take 5th grade math this year due to his outstanding scores on his state tests in May. Matthew and 2 other boys will go to the gifted teacher for enrichment classes whenever the other 4th graders have math classes. We are SO PROUD OF HIM!

Sorry to be so short, but I have another long day tomorrow. Be sure to come back for Nifty- Thrifty Thursday!

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