Steven-isms #10

He's been at it again.....

Last week, Steven was talking about a video game and kicking someone's butt.

The little girl I babysit (3 yo) scolded him for saying, "a bad word."

Steven corrects her. "No it's not! It's not like the F-word..."

I wheel around, my jaw on the floor as he continues, "... or the Z-word."

Unless I am totally out of touch with the world, I feel fairly confident that there is no such cuss word as the Z-word and therefore he has no idea what the F-word actually is. Whew! LOL!


Steven got a toy wallet in a kid's meal. The wallet has 3 cards inside to write your friends' names, phone numbers and addresses on. He wrote his name on one and asked me to write the names of two of his classmates on the others.
They are both girls.

His first little black book! We're so proud! ;o)


Steven went away for the weekend with my sister Ea. He's had a bit of allergy trouble and has a runny nose. He kept wiping his nose on his shirt (which drives me INSANE!), so Ea offered him a Kleenex.

He said, "No thanks. I don't want to waste Kleenex."

I guess he's concerned about saving trees.


When Ea took Steven to the hotel to spend the night on their trip, he informed her that, "My Mom and Dad and Matthew used to live in a place like this, but the TV was over there and the desk was over there."

HUH?!?! LOL!

BTW The Make It From Scratch Carnival is up at Stop the Ride! Check it out!


Rebekah said...

LOL, those are great. KIDS!

Stephanie said...

HE cracks me up. I read these and wonder how many Nolan will come up with in the near future! LOL

Margaret said...

Can Steven please come over and play? Please???? Cuz he seems like the coolest ever.