This Is More Like It

The other day, I posted about Mike's brother and his plans for their basement.He hasn't begun the work on it yet, but his sister has done a lot to their basement.

She had always planned on making a family room in the basement for my nieces. A place they could go and watch movies and hang out with their friends. Since the girls are teenagers, she figured it was about time.

They put in a vent less gas fireplace, carpet and their old furniture- which is still very nice. They also bought a small pool table.

Then, they went shopping for a new TV for the basement. Their old one was a console and not very conducive to playing video games and movies. Something had to be plugged in or unplugged in order to do any of that stuff.

While shopping, they came across the new projection televisions. They are much easier to see than the old ones and the technology has come a long way. They bought one and are very happy with it.

The room is complete and much more usable that a home theater if you ask me. :o)

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