I Found A Use For Michelle's Cheese!

I found a use for Michelle's cheese (SO FUNNY!)!

My Brother-in-law lives in a very expensive neighborhood. He and his wife built their home a couple of years ago. He says it is not finished.

He wants to put a home theater in the basement.

This is where the cheese comes in- for all of the nachos! :o)

Is it for the kids? No they don't have kids.

Are they huge movie buffs? Nope.

Theaters in basements are all the rage in this particular neighborhood and adding one will add great resale value to their house.

I am guessing a lot of green will be going into that basement for the theater itself (projector, screen, lighting, etc.) There will also be the cost of home theater furniture as well.

What do you think? If you were in the market for a house, would a theater in the basement be a big selling point for you?

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Margaret said...

Yes. But we don't have basements in Houston. So, I guess I really don't know.

Mark - on the other hand - would LOVE it...