Spending Sunday Cleaning

Matthew is still at Mandy's house, Steven is with Ea and Mike is spraying his parents' lawn with weed killer using our tow-behind sprayer.

What's a gal to do with all that free time... well, besides blog?


There is no one home to follow right behind me and undo each room I clean! There will be no toys sprouting out of the carpet, no pillows and cushions spit off of the couch and no papers and crayons materializing on top of the tables! can you imagine?!?

I started by getting some of the surface clutter out. I pitched magazines and papers and unidentifiable objects.

I cleaned the boys' bathroom and tossed some old skin care products that were hiding out under the sink.

I gathered up toys from the living room that have been laying around all week and put them back in the boys' rooms.

It feels good to have a little bit of order back to the main living areas. Ahhhh!

Who knows, I may even get ambitious and take my carpet cleaner to the couch. It really could use a good scrubbing and, not one time will I have to hear, "Mom! Are you done with that loud thing yet?" Amazing!


kailani said...

I know I feel so much better in a clean house. Too bad it doesn't happen very often.

Joanna said...

I have been stressed all weekend because my house is a mess and I haven't have time to clean it... I'm home for Labor Day- and I'll be laboring over laundry and straightening up before 8 other people get here for a get-together tonight. Sigh, so much for a day off!

Rebekah said...

My house needs a good cleaning. I've thought about sending the girls to the sitters on my next day off just to clean. man, how domestic is that to waste $ on the babysitter so I can clean... yet, we never seem to be able to go out alone. Well, they'll grow up and be gone before I know it. Then I can sit in my clean, quite house and wonder why I ever complained about their toys on the floor

Margaret said...

So when you're done with that thing, would you mind coming over and helping here? Thanks. You're the best. And I don't have kids to come and undo everything you've done...

Michelle said...

What are these so called days with nothing to do? And how do I get one! LOL

Scribbit said...

There have been times when I have evening free time and I clean and I think "I must be insane" :)