Super Saturday!

My morning was spent blog hopping. Here are just a couple of notes from that.

If you haven't stopped to see Michelle at Scribbit yet, I suggest you get your mouse over there and sign up for her giveaway. She has a new one every Saturday (SO VERY GENEROUS!!!) and you can sign up until 12 AM Monday.

You should also head over to Stop the Ride and wish Stephanie a Happy Blogiversary! Thursday was her one year anniversary at Stop the Ride, which she created to post about frugality, making money online and debt management. Her blog, Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood gives the more family-oriented and personal look at her family life as a homeschooling Mom of 4.
Matthew had his first football game today. He was so excited, he's was wearing his red game socks around the house all morning. I told they look like some kind of super hero boots when he's wearing them with just a t-shirt and undies. LOL! My very own Nacho Libre!
Now he just needs some "stretchy pants".

The game was great. Matthew was 2 for 3 passing (they only have one pass play, but pass plays are few and far between at this age), he did very well on his hand offs, he carried the ball a few times and he never fumbled a snap. He LOVED hearing his name announced when he passed or ran the ball! His team lost 26 to 0, but they all had fun and did their best. That's all that matters.
Ea came to pick the boys up this evening. They were all going to the homecoming festival in the town we grew up in. Then, Ea and Jesse will be taking Steven with them to Idlewild in PA tomorrow. My Mom will bring Matthew home tomorrow.
Since Mike and I were 'childless' for the night, we decided to use a gift card for a little dinner date. The gift card was for the Olive Garden (which isn't exactly close for us) and it was 3 years old. I decided to call and find out if the balance was still intact since it had been so long. As I listened to the call, I read the back of the card to find that it could also be redeemed at any Red Lobster (which is only about 15 minutes away)!
FYI: I will have more on Red Lobster in this Thursday's post!
We had a really good dinner and went to a couple of stores afterward. One to browse and one to buy grub killer for our lawn. Those little boogers are ruining my grass in the back!!! ARRRGH!
Now it's back home for a night of TV, blogging and enjoying a quiet evening without having to usher Steven back into his room every 30 seconds. :o)
I hope to post some photos from Matthew's game as soon as I get them uploaded.


Scribbit said...

Maybe next week I'll give away a pair of "stretchy pants" (and I'm assuming you're a Nacho Libre fan or I wouldn't type that) :)

Mandy said...

You might have to wait until Monday to get Matthew back. The boys are planning a bon fire and some night swimming depending on the temp. I'll let you know!

Margaret said...

red socks and his undies?? Priceless.

And had you taken a picture, perfect blackmail for a later time in life.