My Saturday

I know I told you yesterday that I was going to try and get another (read "better") video of Matthew playing football... BUT I forgot to take my camera to the game.


Its just as well because it rained for the better part of the game.

Good news, though. THEY WON 28 to 12!! Since they never won a game last season, so it was exciting for them.
Matthew did a great job on his hand-offs. He even faked me out once or twice. They only ran 2 pass plays since it was raining and the ball was slippery.
We had a good time and I was so happy for them!


Stephanie said...

Alright! I bet he was thrilled about he win!

Margaret said...

So I was at the HOuston Texans game today.... He could be there one day! And if he ends up on the Houston Texans and I don't get tickets, I will be slightly upset!!! :)