First Snap

I decided to try Blogger's new video upload option.

This is from last Saturday's game. Sorry its so short. It's Matthew's first snap as Quarterback and I have to admit that, in my mind, this was going to be a great clip to save.

It is a great clip for sentimental value, but the play itself was much more anti-climactic than I had hoped.

Just in case you didn't catch it, the snap was fumbled. I (lovingly) teased Matthew about it after the game thinking he was the one with the slippery hands, but he told us it was the center. Turns out that Matthew didn't even get to touch the ball.

He has another game today. I'll try for a better video then.

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Scribbit said...

I tried using Blogger's video feature and it gave me a bit of trouble. I ought to try it again.