Labor Stories

My labor stories from the boys are completely different. I was in labor with Matthew for 36 torturous hours, stuck in bed, strapped to a monitor with pitocin, nubane, more pitocin, more nubane and an epidural. The recovery was pretty easy, though.

Steven's labor was easier even though it was back labor. I could walk around, I progressed quickly and needed no drugs. After an hour and a half of pushing with no results, I had to have a c-section (lucky thing, too because the cord was around his neck and he was HUGE!).

The recovery from a c-section is much longer. I was in bed for 24 hours with an I.V., pulse oximeter, a catheter and a blood pressure cuff that turned on every 15 minutes. NOT very conducive to sleep.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

sounds like a Payu2blog story to me!

Margaret said...

OK, first of all - how is this supposed to make me want to get pregnant in the next year or so???

Second - have you fared ok with all the flooding up there? That pesky tropical storm started here with us and ended up there.

Rebekah said...

All my labors were different, but quick. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I actually had the last 3 induced. Caleb because he was late, and the girls were induced because I didn't want to have my babies while driving in the car to the hospital.
How are you guys doing with the flooding?

Anonymous said...

Labour stories . . . oh my! Here I am a few months away from having another one to tell. :0) I've been pretty bad at catching up with blogs for a while now. I haven't gotten around to everyone like I want. I'll have to take time to catch up later tonight or this weekend. :0)