Nifty-Thrifty Thursday

I have a few Nifty-Thrifties for you to check out today. As always, all offers are available only while supplies last.

Click here for a free sample of Calgon's new "Get Juic'd!" You can also go to their home page and answer their scent poll!

Get a free sample of Sensodyne toothpaste (for US residents only)!!

If you don't have sensitive teeth, you can go to Aquafresh.com to sign up for a free sample of Aquafresh Extreme Clean or to print coupons for Aquafresh products!!

While we're on the subject of teeth, visit Walmart.com to sign up for your own free sample of Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips!

To receive your free sample of Post-it® Sortable Cards, click here and fill out the form!

Double Bonus from Ebates!
For some tremendous savings, sign up for Ebates! I just received my first BIG FAT CHECK from Ebates! Actually, it was deposited directly into my Paypal account. It included a few cash back rebates from some shopping I did online to prepare for vacation (i.e. things I would have bought anyway) and a few $5 sign up bonuses from people using my link and email address (mhlessiter@zoominternet.net). The other great part is that the people who signed up using my link each received a $5 sign-up bonuses as well!!

Ebates has made me another offer I can't refuse to pass on. If you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, you can sign up through my link, use my email address above in the referring friend space and make a purchase through Ebates by September 15th. We'll both get a DOUBLE BONUS of $10!!! This is a great time to sign up for Ebates since the big holiday shopping season is right around the corner (it can sneak up on you FAST!!).

Great savings from Dollar General on household, school, pantry and automotive items!! Click here to view the Dollar General Rebates Flier good through 9/9/07. Click here for the mail-in Rebate Form!

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Stephanie said...

dollar general does rebates? I didn't know that!