Git 'er Done Already!

The Havenosenses have been building a garage. Let me tell you, it is a dandy! Its a big, two-car garage that sits in front of their house blocking the view of the street from our house.

While it looks like a simple design, I am here to report that it is far more difficult to build than it appears. After all, they've been working on it for somewhere in the area of a YEAR! Please trust me when I say that I use the term 'working on it' veeeeeeeery loosely.

The whole thing began with them wanting to build a house in their current back yard, putting a driveway BETWEEN our houses (i.e., right past my bedroom window) and renting out the house they live in now and don't take care of. Being on town council, I considered it my civic duty to make sure that never happened.

They did make some progress on the siding of the garage last weekend, but the OSB board they are covering with the siding is so warped and water-logged that they've ruined the whole garage already. Despite the fact that they worked on it (there's that phrase again) with family there to help them all day Saturday, it still sits unfinished.

I wish they would either get off their lazy bums and finish the garage or just call a realtor and move somewhere far, far from here. I'm willing to take my chances that anyone new who moved in couldn't possibly be worse.

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