Check Out My Mad Photography Skillz!

Last night, we went to Waterworks Park in Cuyahoga Falls for a graduation party.

Steven and Mike went walking by the creek which was swollen and moving fast from all of the rain.

Since I can rarely get a voluntary picture of Mike, I have latched onto the candid or 'sneak attack from behind' method. I set the camera to black and white and went to town!

Here's the first pic:

Then, as if I had waved my magic wand, they sat on a bench and pondered the wonders of nature... "Dad! There's a duck!" This is my favorite shot!

Matthew came along a bit later, but caught me while I tried to get a candid shot. This is as natural a shot as I could get from him after that.
Then, my niece got a call from her boyfriend who is away at basic training for the Navy and she wanted her Mom to take a picture of her that she can send to him. I snapped this one from the side.


Michelle said...

Wonderful Pictures! Sometimes its the candid ones that turn out the best!i

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I think you got skills.

Rebekah said...

Great pictures. I love the one with them sitting on the bench.

delilah said...

OK...so I've been to your neck of the woods and now you have been in mine - when do you think we will ever meet? Nice pics.