My Mom's Dream

My Mom has always wanted to operate her own Bed and Breakfast. I think she'd be great at it too.

For starters, she had 4 kids. If that doesn't prepare you for dealing with people and problems, I don't know what does.

Secondly, she lives in an area where bed and breakfasts are popular and in-demand, Amish Country. She worked at one B & B for several years and she truly loved it. It gave her some real insight to what it takes to be competitive and what guests are looking for.

I can just see it... Mom would be in charge of the whole place, my sisters and I would cook and clean, our hubbies and our Stepdad would be the handymen and my Grandma would be in charge of the gardens.

Finally, Mom is a real people person. I can imagine her making lasting friendships with her guests and going out of her way to make sure everything was just so for each and every one who stayed there. It would be a paradise you'd never want to leave.

I really hope she gets her wish one day.


Rebekah said...

That would be cool. I have always wanted to visit a B&B but have never had the opportunity

Margaret said...

everyone should spend time at a B&B.