Why I love PayPerPost

I know I have mentioned payperpost before, but I know there are a ton of new bloggers everyday looking for great ways to make money blogging. If you fall into that category, you have to check out payperpost!

Tim and Stephanie introduced me to payperpost and I loved it form the beginning. I couldn't wait until my blog was 90 days old so I could finally apply for approval.

Things I love about PayPerPost:

~I get to choose what I post about. There is a list of opportunities that is updated daily. I simply click on the opportunity to find out more. If I like what I see, I click another button, write my post, fill in the URL of my post back at PayPerPost and I'm done. The post is reviewed and I get paid through PayPal. That's it!

~If I don't feel like posting any sponsored posts, I don't have to. If there are no opportunities that fit my particular blog, I am under no obligation to take them. I can also take several opportunities if I am in need of a little extra income.

~They use PayPal. I love the security of PayPal and the ease of use. I don't have to wait for a check in the mail. I can see the money in my account the moment it is deposited. I can then transfer it to my bank account or save it up for online purchases.

~You can donate your fees. PayPerPost helps Habitat for Humanity and The American Red Cross by allowing bloggers to donate their fees to either cause with each individual post if the blogger so chooses. What a great way to give to such deserving causes in your spare time!

~PayPerPost has a great corporate blog. They announce contests and updates to PayPerPost there and fill bloggers in on future plans. What better way to get to know bloggers than by blogging?

~Posts do not have to be long. Most of the opportunities require 100 or 200 words. That isn't much at all for someone as long-winded as me. Especially when you get me talking about something I love... like PayPerPost!

I have made $18 with the 3 PayPerPost opportunities I have taken so far. I plan to make much more and as my blog grows, I will have even more opportunities made available to me. The money I make blogging will likely go into my personal bank account for bills or unexpected purchases, but I like the option of saving it right in my PayPal account for online purchases or to build a larger sum to roll into my bank account when I choose.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

We also use PayU2blog.com. It is easier than PPP. I like when people are commenting on my sponsered posts!

Stephanie said...

Have you seen all the opps they've had lately? There have been a ton. I've missed a couple that I really would have like to do. Ya got be fast! :)

Anonymous said...
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