Patriotic/Historic Info

I am a big History buff!!! I could soak up all things historical for days and days. It's like an obsession with me.

In honor of one of one of my favorite holidays, I am providing you with some of my favorite places to study history online. I don't homeschool, but in a way, I do. I try to pass on my love of history and the value of it to my children.

Here are some great places you can go to learn about our Nation's birth and past:

The National Archives

The Declaration of Independence Downloads

Facts about The Declaration of Independence

About the Founding Fathers

Founding Father's e-cards

Have a great and happy Independence Day!


Stephanie said...

Parents are always the best teachers whether the child has other teachers or not! Great links!

Scribbit said...

I used to work at the National Archives--those are fun links!