More Ballgames

I have a new post up over at The Fat Bottomed Girl. Check it out if you love pudding and chocolate glaze!

Last night, we went to Matthew's tournament game. They lost, but Matthew got moved from the outfield (in which he played two innings during the regular season) to second base (which he played regularly along with shortstop). He didn't get a lot of action there, but he was visibly more comfortable. He backed up where he was supposed to and knew where to be and when. I was proud of him.

The pitchers from the other team were faster than what they are in our league, so our team didn't get a lot of hits and the hits they did get turned into pretty easy outs. Oh, well.

This tournament is a roud-robin type which means that we have a set number of games on certain days rather than an elimination tournament that has options for playing different times and places depending on if you win or lose.

He has games tonight and tomorrow which translates into me washing his uniform each night. He may also have to play in teh second round of this tournament next week, so we're not out of the woods yet.

Have a great Friday and make sure you check out TFBG for that recipe.

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