Why Didn't I think of That?

To get in the patriotic mood, I decided to do a little artwork on my toenails; hence the ugly size tens above. I got the idea here.

I tried like the dickens all day to get the Girlie Girl (almost 3 yo- that I babysit) to let me paint hers. They were already painted and she kept insisting that, "Mommy paints her nails."

I begged and pleaded telling her how much Mommy and Grandma would love to see them and what a surprise it would be and that she would match me. "We could be toenail twins!" I told her.

Each time she'd smile, emit a tiny giggle followed by, "No."

I dropped the boys off to my Mom so she could take them to Mandy's house for a campfire and sleepover and to watch the parade in the morning. Even Mom and my MIL tried to convince her to let me paint them to no avail.

We got home just before Mike arrived home from work and Skylar had a snack. Mike had worked 10 hours today and wanted to mow the lawn tonight, so he grabbed some sliced Trail bologna out of the fridge.

The Girlie Girl eyeballed that trail like Wile E. Coyote salivating over the roadrunner.

When I told Mike about my day of begging and that Girlie wouldn't give in yet, he asked her if he could paint them. She gave him the same giggle and declined.

Then, in a stroke of bribery genius, he asked if he could paint them if he gave her some Trail bologna.

She hesitated and smiled. Then, she said, "Heather can."

That little stinker! All day begging and pleading and all it took was Trail bologna!

We had 20 minutes before her Mom came to pick her up, so I made quick work of the paint job. I even turned a fan on high blowing straight on her feet to speed the drying time. She held very still and I managed to get 3 stars on each big toe and 3 stripes on each of the other toes. They turned out so cute! Her Mom LOVED them!

I can't believe I didn't think of that!!! MAN!


Margaret said...

Very cute!!! I have never gotten cute designs on my toes. i am so rough on my toenail polish, I just don't.

Yeah, I wear a size 10 too.

Rebekah said...

Cute, Gracie loves her nails painted. we have the firemans fireworks tomorrow so maybe I'll try this for you. You always have neat ideas

delilah said...

I painted mine red, white and blue. I usually do stars but in my current condition, it is difficult to bend over for that long!!! Yours turned out very cute!