WFMW: DIY Fabric Softener Sheet

I got this tip from an email a long time ago. It's more of a wintertime tip since I hang my laundry out in the summer.
You can make your own reusable fabric softener dryer sheet by taking a hand towel and pouring liquid fabric softener on it. I put mine in a shallow dish and folded the towel in quarters. Let it soak up as much fabric softener as it will and let it dry out. This whole process can take a day or two.
When you're done, you'll have a towel that you can just leave in the dryer. Each time you toss a load in, check the towel and make sure it has enough softener in it. I found that I had to add some to it each time the first few times I used it. After that, I only had to add to it about once a week. It is much cheaper than fabric softener sheets and it uses much less of the liquid than if you used it per manufacturer directions.
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