Steven-isms #8

Steven calls Burger King "Burber King". Sometimes he'll say it with a Southern Twang and it turns into "Barhbarh Kang".


Steven calls polka dots "coca dots".


To Steven, lightning bugs are "light bugs."


One of Steven's favorite snacks is a "Gorilla Bar" (granola bar).

The kid cracks me up!


Margaret said...

what's he got on his head???

Heather said...

Steven loves to dress up. This is his knight's helmet from a Halloween costume. He is always wearing some sort of hat or cape or goggles. He's cool like that. :o)

Rebekah said...

lol, love the gorilla bar

Anonymous said...

Remember Jarrett called lightning bug blinking eyes? I was just telling Madison about that when she seen lightning bugs for the first time this year.