Steven-isms #7

On vacation, we shared a cabin with my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law. Steven wanted to sleep with Grandma and Papa one night (in a double bed). Grandma was quick to walk him back to his room and told him to sleep in his bed and she'd see him in the morning. As she walked away and he walked into his room, he tripped and fell. She was a good 10 feet from him, but he started crying and told us that Grandma pushed him. Mike laughed and said, "Grandma didn't push you. She was way over there."

He kept up the weepy act and replied, "She pushed me with her words!"


Steven calls sunscreen "sunscream".


Steven calls Perch "Rocketship Fish". I don't know if it's their shape, their stripes or the fact that we also catch Rock Bass sometimes and he picked up part of the name.


Margaret said...

I said something similar to that to Mark. I tripped and stumbled. He giggled. I glared. He said "What???". I told him that he was thinking about me falling and that made me fall.

He went from giggle to flat out snort.

Stephanie said...

Love it!