Water Pictures

Mandy was looking through the pictures on my camera the other day and asked if one of the boys had used my camera while we were on vacation.

The reason was the following pictures:

I like to watch the water as it gets thrown from under the boat while we are moving. It's very relaxing to me, so I snapped a few shots of it. Okay maybe it was more like 14 than a few.
Then, I snapped a couple of shots of the wake from the boat, too.

This little cabin is on an island in the river:

Then, it started raining on Monday and I was forced to photograph from the cabin.

Once the rain cleared up, we went out fishing again and there was a haze floating over the water:

After the haze cleared, we had a beautiful sunset to look at:


Margaret said...

All the pics are great!!

And OMG the tease about if we lived near you would do my flowers!! ARGH!!!! :) :)

I may email you and ask your advice on some stuff - one florist I talked to said those irises couldn't be used in a bouquet like that - said they need to be in a cascade bouquet - not one of those tied one....

Stephanie said...

Oh vacation looks great! And so does Steven's cake. Happy belated to him!

Now that is all done. . . about those recipes I need. . . the wedding is coming up soon! :)

kailani said...

That sunset makes it all worth it!