Steven's Birthday

Tuesday was Steven's 5th birthday. We had his party over the weekend so everyone could come.

We (and by me I mean Mike and my Mom) cooked hamburgers and hot dogs over a campfire. The Grandma's and Aunt Shelly brought side dishes and I made a skateboard cake I saw at Family Fun. My cake was slightly different in that I make a different kind of frosting that doesn't color well and I made the cake bigger than the one in the recipe. It turned out really well and Steven was thrilled with it.
We couldn't have asked for a nicer day for the party. The weather is usually so hot that we can hardly stand to sit out in the sun for that long, but it was really nice out all day with a very light breeze. It actually cooled off quite a bit towards evening and we all sat around the fire at night with jackets on.

Here are some pictures:
By the time Tuesday rolled around, Steven was convinced that he would be getting even more presents for his actual birthday. We had to remind him of all the gifts he got on Saturday and who gave him what. Mike ended up stopping to buy him a small gift on his way home from work on Tuesday, Mike's Mom bought him a small soccer ball to give him that night and he got a card from my Mom in the mail with $5 in it on that day, too. He was more than thrilled.
Here he is blowing out the candles on Tuesday night.


Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday to Steven. Like the cake. Gracie's birthday is coming up and I saw this really cool cake decorated to look like a swimming pool. I am going to attempt it..... I'll post about it

Mandy said...

What no pictures of me? I'm hurt. I was just wondering if you forgot about your other blog? Love Ya!

Mom Tu-Tu said...

What a cute cake! It looks like you did a great job.