Our Little Saturday Getaway

Saturday, we loaded up the boat and headed to Leesville Lake. One of the Gals I babysit for grew up there and they visit her parents nearly every weekend. We got directions and headed down there.

We launched from the Clow's Marina and had a beautiful day for fishing. It was in the upper 70's for most of the day with a nice breeze blowing. We caught a few small bluegill, but nothing to keep. We did see one guy haul in about a 3 foot muskie, though.

While we were fishing, we had a celebrity sighting...

Bambi!!! :o)

Actually, there were tow little fawns that were trotting through the woods right on the bank where we were fishing. I tried to get pictures of them all day and they finally came out in the open. I only caught one of them on film, though.

After about 3 hours of fishing, we cruised by the beach and found the people I babysit for. The kids got to swim and play (a very welcome break for them since we had seen a lot of people playing and swimming all day). Then, we took a ride on our friends' pontoon boat.

I've never ridden on a pontoon boat before, but it was really nice. We talked and ate snacks. Matthew was thrilled when they asked if he'd like to drive. He cruised around the whole lake. He did a great job! We told him to follow another pontoon boat and he quickly picked up on where the no wake zones started and stopped. There were a few times that we helped him navigate some turns and shallow water and to keep us out of other people's trolling lines, but for the most part, he handled the driving.

I found out Saturday night that two of my sisters had been at Tappan Lake which is just south of Leesville. I had no idea they were even going that way.

We had so much fun that the boys wanted to go back on Sunday. We decided that we'd stick around home since there was a possibility for rain and we had a cookout to go to at 5, but I'm sure we'll be going back to Leesville soon.


Stephanie said...

I bet Matthew was so proud! The fawn is cute!

Mandy said...

Funny, we had no idea we were going to Tappan either until that morning. We had a good time! It was such a good day to be out on the lake.

Margaret said...

THat's what I need - hanging out on a pontoon boat with someone else driving.

Rebekah said...

so much fun!! Great pictures