Mother's Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day weekend!

We had a great weekend. Matthew's game ran nearly 3 hours Friday night. They finally had to quit after 5 innings because it was getting dark and the kids couldn't see the ball anymore.

Saturday was busy, too. Matthew had baseball pictures in the morning and you have to get there 15 minutes before your appointed time only to have to wait until 30 minutes past your appointed time to get the pictures taken. There were a few families there that were camped out for the day since they had 3 or more kids on different teams that all had pictures at different times. All of the parents had fun socializing, though and it was a nice day.

We had to hit the local store for a few items before heading home for lunch.

Later in the afternoon, we headed to Mandy's for Brandon's birthday party. It was a lot of fun with good food and lots of family. Brandon got some new games for his DS and he got a fat lip when one of his gifts popped him right in the mouth as he unwrapped it.

Here's Mandy's Tony Stewart checkered flag cake:

We would have liked to stay later, but Matthew had his last PSR class on Sunday and he was serving during the mass. Mother's Day is our annual children's mass where the PSR students greet people as they enter, do the readings, take up the collection and deliver the gifts. The kids also hand out carnations to the Mothers as they come in.

We actually got to church just as mass was starting and it was packed. The greeters had been seated and there were no more flowers. We stood in the back and went outside during the closing hymn so we were out of the Deacon's way as people left church.

We stood outside and waited for Matthew and the rest of the family. Matthew came out with a red carnation for me. There were a bunch left downstairs and he went down and got one for me. I thought it was so sweet! He said he got red since it's my favorite color.

We ate supper at DH's brother's house and had a good time and good food. The kids played on their skateboards and gameboys.

I'll have to post about the flowers Steven gave me after I get a picture of them. They're just about to bloom.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of the sunset on my way home from Mandy's house Saturday.


kailani said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

An Island Life

Rebekah said...

oh ick, you just reminded me that Caleb has pictures this Saturday morning.... its my one Saturday off this month. Ah well, they will be grown up and out the door before I know it.
cool cake. I have always wanted to try that. From what I've read its pretty easy

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had an enjoyable weekend. :0)

Margaret said...

by the way - that cake looks way to difficult to make. But way yummy.