I do not fold my underwear before I put them away. This may sound strange, but it is key in the story.

You know your day is going to be a dandy when you attempt to put on a pair of your best tighty-whiteys and find that you have mistakenly put one of your 4 year-old's t-shirts in your drawer thinking it was a pair of your undies.

It's a real confidence booster to find out that your rear is the same size as a small child.

I knew my day would be busy, and this only served as a reminder that things NEVER go the way we plan.

I was volunteering at Matthew's school for the teacher appreciation luncheon, so I had to make pasta salad in the morning. I checked my email while the noodles boiled and found an email from ticketmaster (we bought tickets through them once and get emails all the time now) telling me to hurry and get my Def Leppard tickets before they sold out.

Frankly, I didn't even realize they were still together let alone touring and selling out venues.

While chopping my veggies, I got a call from a gal I babysit for. She asked me, since I "know everyone," could I recommend anyone who could perform a wedding for her friend that day.

Huh? What is this? Vegas? I was totally unaware that shotgun weddings still occur and was still reeling from the thought when I told her I'd call another friend and see what I could find out.

I left a voicemail with the friend and promptly forgot all about it. I headed off to the school with pasta salad, decorations and 2 kids in tow.

While at the school, my phone rang off the hook. One of the calls was Mom telling me that my Grandma was coming to look at a house that is for sale. That is a whole other blog post (or series) in and of itself. The other calls ranged from telemarketers to my friend calling back to inform me that she knew no one who could marry someone today to the other friend calling to tell me they'd found someone that could to it at 3 o'clock. Good news for everyone.

I didn't get out of the school until 2:30 and came home to put the little girl I babysit down for her nap and try to make it look like I had accomplished something at home that day. Matthew had a game and they won by 5! Their biggest victory yet! Matthew started at shortstop and played that and second base for the whole game (except for the one inning they each have to sit out).

I survived the day, missed seeing Grandma and my friend's friend got married.

The NEXT day was no improvement.

I got a call from one of my babysitting parents telling me he had the day off. That would be okay. One less thing on my list.

I had a large meat order coming in and couldn't find our big cooler. I told the gal that was picking it up for me that I'd find the cooler, put bags of ice in it and leave it in her truck at her work so she would have it ready.

After dropping Matthew and Steven off at school, I came back home, found the cooler, stopped at the bank, stopped for ice and drove over to deliver the cooler and ice. On the way, I ran into this:

Apparently, there was some sort of field trip for the high school or junior high that involved stopping a train right across the tracks on the major highway that runs through our neighboring town to let students on. I sat for 10 minutes waiting for them to figure out who was sitting where and get the thing moving.

Luckily, I had all the time in the world and the patience to go along with it. The bright side to it all was hearing a Def Leppard song on the radio which I'd been singing in my head since the whole email thing. Nothing like a great rendition of Pour Some Sugar On Me to lift your spirits!

Then, it was back to Steven's school to help sort the fundraiser delivery. We got it all sorted in about an hour and had 15 minutes to kill before the kids were done with school. The girl I babysit and I were sitting on the picnic table outside of the school taking a breather when my phone rang again. This time, it was Matthew's school telling me he was sick and could I please come pick him up. I was glad to not have the extra boy to babysit if Matthew was going to be home sick.

While signing Matthew out, I noticed that another boy I babysit 3 days a week had been signed out sick earlier in the morning. I mentioned this to Matthew and he said the boy's sister (whom I also babysit) was out sick, too. I called their Mom to find out how the kids were and what was wrong. The diagnosis for the sister was strep and the brother had "sympathy strep" since his sister was at home with Mom all to herself. I HOPE Matthew doesn't end up with strep again!!!

Seeing as I had a huge meat order coming in, I thought it would be a good idea to organize my freezer. I realized, though, that I'd have to store the meat in my fridge until I could cut and package it. Better clean out the fridge first.

After cleaning the fridge, I forgot all about the freezer and got on with more important things like feeding the family. We ate some of the meat that had been delivered (I planned that, really, I did!) and it tasted so good! I actually got cleaned up from supper pretty quickly.

Matthew ended up feeling fine by day's end and never did have a fever. In fact, he was playing frisbee (which ended up on the roof and is still there) and baseball all evening. Then, he wondered why on earth (with him being 'on his deathbed' and all) I would even bother waking him up for school this morning. What kind of insane mother am I?!?! Must be all that Def Leppard I listened to as a teenager...


Mandy said...

Maybe you should switch to thongs!

Gardener Greg said...

Slow down girl. You are going to kill yourself. At least stop and take a deep breath. Hmmmm third undie story I read today. What's up with you ladies?

Great blog,

Stephanie said...

What! Grandma Norma is looking to buy a house?! We never hear anything!

Margaret said...

OMG...maybe you SHOULD come down and help me unpack. Way less going on here.

Michelle said...

Wow, just reading your post makes me dizzy! (And I never fold the underware either!)

Anonymous said...

What a day!