Random Memories #5

In light of recent events across the country (Virginia Tech Tragedy and copy cats) I thought I'd stay out of the whole stressful thing and revert to my childhood. It's my little way of dealing with it.

Hey, it's either that or I'm making more chocolate chip cookies and Lord knows I don't need to eat anymore of those this week!


I keep thinking about Mandy lately. First of all, since she's started her own blog, Controlled Chaos, we've been talking and emailing a lot more. I'm really glad for that since I live 30 minutes away from my family and I don't get to see them as much as I'd like.

So I was at Mom's one day and my almost 2 year old niece Audrey wanted up on Mom's bed. I put her up there and she started jumping. I asked if she was allowed to do that and of course she said, "Yeah." I held her hands and let her go to town. She had the biggest, "I'm having the time of my life" grin." It was precious as is everything our nieces and nephews do since we aren't the ones who have to punish them.

This took me right back to when we were little. We were in Grandma's basement. Our Aunt Teri had her bedroom down there at the time. Aunt Teri used to let us do all of the stuff Mom wouldn't, so naturally, we wanted to jump on her bed.

Teri cranked up the music (likely AC/DC, Cheap Trick, KISS or Led Zeppelin) and we were off and bouncing. The next thing I knew, Mandy was flying off the bed and landed right up against the dresser. The way I remember it is very cartoonish- she did a sort of spinning cannon ball (very athletic), but I know that it was more like a panicked flail.

Now we all know why Mandy is the way she is. In all fairness to her, I was dropped on my head by our cousin as an infant and that is why I am the way I am. Now if we can just figure out what happened to Ea and Stacy. I'm POSITIVE that Mandy and I have nothing to do with the way they turned out. (Please notice my innocent whistling while I sneak out the door.)


Margaret said...

If you would care to bake chocolate chip cookies and send them my way, I would be much appreciative.

Mandy said...

That's funny! I always thought I was the way I am because I cracked my head open at 6 weeks old! I like your theory better. Let's blame Teri! Mom sure seems to think we had something to do with what happenend to Ea ans Stacy! I'm innocent!