Stan Hywet Gardens & Views

Continuing on with the grounds of Stan Hywet, we come to the Great Meadow. This would be the equivalent of a front yard for the rest of us.

Stan Hywet's Great Meadow was used by the Seiberlings for many a party and gathering. The neighborhood children would often join the Seiberling children for a game of football. The Seiberlings also had a four-hole golf course here. I am just glad I don't have to mow it.

This is part of what is called the Elliptical Garden. The breakfast room (directly behind the scaffolding in the center, on the ground floor) looks directly out to this area. Behind the spruces that curve along the edges of this garden is a row of bright yellow forsythia bushes. They line the cobblestone servant's entrance drive to the house.

Traveling North down Pleasure Drive, you'll come upon the grape arbor pictured here. It was closed for restoration work at the time we were there.

This is the West Terrace at the rear of the Manor. It plays host to a very large reflecting pool filled with coy fish. (The boys in the photo were the boys I was in charge of for the field trip. Matthew is second from the right.) The steps on the opposite side of the pool lead down to an area called the overlook.

This is the early spring view from the overlook.

On the south end of the west terrace garden is a pair of unassuming statues flanking a small set of brick steps. This is a 'secret' entrance into the English Garden.

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