Boys vs. Girls

I grew up the oldest of four girls. I liked helping Mom with my sisters after our Dad passed away and I have been babysitting cousins and other children for as long as I can remember. I am now Mom to two boys and I still babysit everyday. I love kids.

One thing we cannot deny is the difference in boys and girls. My boys are all boy. They don't like anything pink, love sports of all kinds, love to get dirty, love to crash into things and jump off things.

When Moms get together, the female bonding conversations follow a certain pattern. We talk about the personalities of our children, at what age they reached certain milestones, medical issues, our birth stories, etc. It's less of a competition and more the way we moms relate to each other. After such conversations, we understand how we got where we are and we appreciate all of the trials and tribulations we've each been through.

My favorite conversation, though, is about boys versus girls. Not about which is better, but which is easier.

I think boys are easier.

Let me rephrase that: I know boys are easier.

Living through the teenage years with 3 sisters has made me a believer. My boys couldn't care less what their clothes look like, if they match or even if they are clean. They will eat just about everything without worrying if they look fat. They are less likely to want perms, highlights or to wear makeup. They are less likely to not eat something because it was once a living animal.

I'm not saying that boys don't come with their own hormones and drama, but girls just love to blow everything out of proportion and make mountains out of molehills.

I've thrown the gauntlet down. What is your opinion?


Mandy said...

I think there is definitly a difference between boys and girls. I'm not sure which is easier. We've been having some trouble with Jarrett and his attitude lately. He acts like he is 15. We had a long talk so I hope that helps him. If only I could talk my husband into having a girl. Then I could tell you from experience.

Margaret said...

Its funny - I want boys - I am all into baseball games, being the team mom, etc. Mark wants girls - he thinks they will be more fun. We have settled that we would like one of each.

love.boxes said...

I was up until midnight talking to an emotional little daughter about if the kids at school like her well enough (no worries, they do) so I have to agree with the non-emotional part about boys. If she had been a boy, she would have been asleep I think instead.

On the flip side. She does not get dirty, helps to clean up the house and is pretty quiet. My 3 brothers on the other hand, were the complete opposite of that.

If you have a good kid... it doesn't really matter what kind. Ya love 'em all. But, my mom even loved my brothers when they climbed out of the window during Sunday School... I thought it was possible that they were headed to prison, but no... they turned out great! :) It's all good.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

As you know, I grew up with two younger brothers, I didn't have a clue when it comes to girls growing up. and now I am having some issues when it come to Lydia. She is really all about her dresses, jewelry, wants her ears pierced( now. and asks me at least twice a week, and the answer is NO, at least not right now, maybe when she's 35 when she can go out of the house), loves her bracelets, accessorizes every time she goes out in public. Oh yeah, she's only five years old. I am glad we homeschool. Did I mention I am going out to buy my shotgun today?

Stephanie said...

I'd have to say up to this point the girls have been easier. But I am almost certain that when we hit those preteen and teen years that I'll be saying the boys are easier. I can let you know in a few years! :)

Michelle said...

The boys are definately easier. My daughter just loves drama and seems to think she is high maintenance. (Despite what our budget says!) We had one of each when we were expecting #3 - and we wanted another boy!