Oy vey!

I have been terrible about my posting the last couple of days and even worse about my blog reading. If I haven't commented lately, give me time. It's finally nice out and I have tons of things to do, so I have been lurking in my bloglines and not commenting. Forgive me! I'll be back soon. I have a couple of posts up over at The Fat Bottomed Girl. If you haven't been there in the last few days, stop by.

DH and I did a little shopping yesterday and got some new shoes for me and some clothes (mostly shorts) for the boys. I will buy them more clothes and some sandals when we go to Canada. They are cheaper up there, although the exchange rate is closing more each year thanks to the economy here.

Matthew had his first baseball game of the season tonight. His team lost 4-5, but he had fun. The other team's coach was his basketball coach, so he was excited to see him and a couple of the kids from his basketball team were playing, too!

I just finished a stint working in an open position at our local junior high. It is a fast-paced job in a kitchen with 3 cooks that serves at least 300 kids a day. There is never a dull day and you are TIRED when you leave. I am actually more tired when I leave there than I was after we put in our own brick patio in the middle of summer!

I was hoping that she might ask me to work a few days in May while I was in there today, but she didn't. I won't give up hope, though. It is nice to have the hours and the extra experience since there may be some permanent jobs coming up next year. I wasn't planning on going back to work full-time until Steven was in first grade, but when a position comes open at the school (great benefits, great retirement, summers off and all the same holidays as the kids), you take it if you can get it!

Matthew has 2 more games this week, so we will be busy as bees! Hope your days are sunny and fun!


Margaret said...

That's exactly why my mom has worked at the school district since I was in 2nd grade.

Anonymous said...

Understand about visiting blogs, etc. Spring is busier . . . less time for posting. I've been reading, or trying, some of the blogs I follow but just not commenting.