WFMW: The Birthday Edition!

Today is the Birthday Edition of WFMW! For more great birthday tips, visit Rocks In My Dryer.

For my kids' birthdays, I try to keep it simple. Many parents in our area have the tendency to go overboard on birthday parties, but I see no reason to go broke over a child's party.

All of our birthday parties have been at home thus far. That's not to say that we won't have any at other venues, but at home is what has worked so far.

Matthew's birthday is in January and DH and I both have big families. For this reason, we have 3 parties for Matthew. You read that right, 3 parties.

Friday night is usually for his friends. I get this one out of the way since it is usually the rowdier crowd. Saturday and Sunday are the family parties.

Steven's birthday is in June and we have one big party (since everyone can be outside) a couple of days after we return from vacation. Yes, I said a couple of days after vacation. We tried this approach a couple of years ago and it works very well since there hasn't been anyone in our house to tear it apart for at least a week. It also gives us a chance to tell everyone all of our fish tales from vacation!

We make hamburgers and hot dogs over the fire, so I buy the supplies ahead of time and freeze the burgers and dogs and sometimes the buns. All I have to do is thaw it all out the day before and everything is ready.

I also like to recruit my nieces for decorating. They have always loved coming over and wrapping crepe paper around everything, taping balloons to whatever they can and making signs that say "Happy Birthday".


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

the three party thing is something we have always fought. notwith parents, but just having two or three parties for one child. I think it crazy, but I do want to inlude all of the family who wants to be. It tends to push the party away from the real birthday...anyway.

Biby Cletus said...

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Stephanie said...

We used to do parties. Now it is very laid back, and usually just depends on what else is going on. At some point they get a cake and a few presents. Often I will just make them the meal of their choice on the actual day.

Lisa said...

I agree. Why go broke trying to throw some huge, extravagant birthday party. But three parties. Wow. That's alot of cake. And cleaning to do prior! :-)