WOAH, Nellie!

This weekend got shifted around quickly let me tell you!

We were going to head to WV and I'm still not sure what exactly happened to that endeavor, but we are still home.

We were going to head south, pick up our beagle pup from the starting pen and then make our way to WV to visit our friends who run dogs, too. Beagle buddies ifyouwill.

Somehow, DH ended up meeting the guy from the starting pen at a hunt and picking our little gal up.

While DH was talking dogs with the guys at the hunt, I decided to take the boys to eat at MacDonald's before we went grocery shopping. They are always asking to eat inside, but we are generally on the go and don't have time. Rude awakening as I ordered the required Happy Meals and discovered that apparently no one eats or orders lunch before 11 AM at MacDonald's ever. The guy looked at me like I was insane to be hungry for a double cheeseburger at such an unheard of hour.

The boys and I hit the grocery store and I took a nap after we hit the drive thru, got home and ate lunch. Those boys (and by that I mean Steven) WORE ME OUT in the store. It was kinda like a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad reminder of why I go WITHOUT them as much as possible.


Tomorrow is the Hanna Family Reunion. This is my maternal Grandma's side of the family. She is the oldest of 8 kids in her family, so it is a big reunion. I still have no idea what I will make to take with us. DH is trying like the dickens to get out of it.


In other family news, I may have to stage some sort of intervention between my sisters, mom and other parties. They are all acting like big babies. Can't we all just grow up and get along?!?! Must everything require such drama? Does everyone have to play the "Why me" card at all times?

It really is just a bunch of stuff that won't matter in the long run and it's ticking everyone else off in the meantime. My poor Grandma is about to have a coronary over the whole thing because she feels caught in the middle, though would never tell either party that. I also feel this way because I have no quarrel with any of them. Am I a traitor to my sisters & mom if I speak to these people? While she hasn't said so, I'm sure Grandma feels like that, too. It stinks to high heaven and some of the people are thinking about not going to the reunion because of it all. SUCK IT UP, PEOPLE! Grow up and let it go!


Ea said...

I just want to say about the whole family fight thing. If any family has learned that family is the most important thing it should be our family. After all the tragedy and loss we have been through we should be stuck together like glue. I personally think any loss of any family member would be a crushing tragedy to me so I choose not to participate in any of this.So don't include me as for Mandy I do see her point she was mad because she too was never part of this and she was totally accused of being part that is what made her mad nothing she has done was meant to hurt anyone she is more hurt that anyone would take something she did as purposly leaving someone out.But still no sides for me. But as for the family reunion I am once again going to be the one grandma feels she has to explain why Jesse is not there cause he has to go to Penn for work so my Baby's Daddy will not be there.

Lisa said...

Oh we've had drama recently in our fam too. Gah. Sigh.

I hope everything goes well at the reunion. Hope everything rights itself soon.

scribbit said...

Love those tense family moments. They always seem to happen around major events: marriages/funerals/graduations. At least in my husband's family that's the way it is.

Good luck.

Margaret said...

First - AAAAHHHH - cute puppy alert!! What a sweetie!

Second - I wish McDonalds served lunch food at breakfast time. I don't want no stinkin egg mcmuffin. I want french fries!! Luckily Sonic and Whataburger both do (not sure if you have them there)

Third - family stuff sucks. It really does. Just go and have fun at the reunion. Eat some good food.

Last - mmmm....French Fries

Marcelle said...

Bravo on your choice of sticking together.

I hope to bring levity by bringing this up... remember the old SuperFriends cartoons during the '70's? Well, imagine if they were turned into the current U.S. Political scene and done in the same way! You end up with The Challenge Of The Super-Duper Friends!

Karl Rove as the Joker is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Mandy said...

Let me just say that I too had chosen no side until I was forced to! Lets forget about all this and go back to blogging about important things!

Michelle said...

Well, McDonalds stops serving breakfast at 10:30 - what do they expect you to order? And that puppy is adorable.

Stephanie said...

Though I have my suspicions, I don't know exactly what is gong on. Probably better off that way.

I will says this. I think a lot of family drama happens b/c peoples feelings get hurt. Sometimes it is justified sometimes it is just them being oversensitive. Either way, instead of working it out then and there they hold it in. By the time they can't stand to hold it in any longer this tiny little thing has turned into a gigantic issue. just my opinion.

I refuse take sides. Family is family, there shouldn't be sides to take and if there are I am not participating!