For Heather

Boomama is letting the Lord work through her once again. She swore she'd never do it again, but I am SO GLAD she is! Heather , Mama of Emma Grace, has a tumor. Go here to read it in her own words.
Wednesday, April 18th is For Heather. Go to Boomama that day and give. The minimum is $1.00 and no one will know how much you gave. The money will help with travel, hotel, meals and whatever else it will cover for this family which, I am certain, has more than it's share of medical expenses. Let's help ease some of their burden.
Whether you give or not, make sure that you pray for them. While you're talkin' to The Big Guy, make sure you say a special prayer for Boomama, too. Thank God that she's stepping up and leading the way!


kailani said...

It's so sad all that she has been through. Makes me appreciate life so much more. I'll definitely be there on the 18th.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Thanks for the link. I plan to donate.

Margaret said...

I will be giving. Amazing. All sorts of prayers and blessings heading their way.