Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Matthew and I visited Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens during Matthew's school field trip a couple of weeks ago.

I am absolutely in love with this place. Stan Hywet is a true American Mansion and the stories of the Seiberling family who built it and lived there are so inspiring.

I'll be doing a series of posts about Stan Hywet and the Seiberlings including photos that I took during the trip. The series will begin with some of the exterior shots of the Manor House at Stan Hywet.

Stan Hywet (stan HEE-wet), Middle English for 'stone quarry', is so named for the quarry located on the property when it was purchased. During construction of the gardens, the quarry was turned into a gorgeous lagoon. The lagoon will be featured in a later post.

This is what the Manor House looks like as you are driving in.

This is the front of the house closer up. It faces the East and the rising sun. The little round room protruding out near the left of the photo is the solarium. The tall windows to the right of the entrance are found going up the main staircase. They are copies of 16th century stained glass windows the Seiberlings found in England while researching Tudor archetecture.

The wings of the house are angled in to give a sense of arms extended, welcoming guests in. The lines of the wings are extended further yet by the Plane Tree Alee to the South and the Birch Tree Alee to the North.

Over the front entrance is a shield with the phrase, Non Nobis Solum, which means, "not for us alone". It was the philosophy of the Seiberlings to share what they had with others. Stan Hywet was never for the family alone, it was always full of life and guests, family and friends. It is so fitting that it has been open to the public for the past 50 years.

This is the back of the Manor. It faces West and offers amazing views of the Cuyahoga Valley all year long.
Another view of the back of the Manor including the reflecting pool.
This is the southern end from the back.
This small terrace is at the south end of the Manor. Through the doors is my favorite room in the house, the music room. The doors open onto a stage which was host to The Von Trapp Family Singers (the real family that The Sound of Music was based on), the Seiberling family plays and weddings, many performers from around the world and Mrs. Seiberling herself.
The North end of the Manor is no less spectacular. This is the North Porch. It is so inviting. I can imagine spending hot summer evenings here while the sun beats at the West side or sitting here on cool Fall mornings with a hot cup of tea.
I hope you've enjoyed my small photo tour of the exterior of Stan Hywet. Be sure to come back and find out more about this fascinating estate and family. If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, Stan Hywet is a must see!


Mandy said...

I've never been here. I wonder if Jason's mom has. Maybe she would like to go. Or maybe we should make it a girls day out and you could show us around!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

We were looking into (or talking about) getting a membership there. we really liked visiting and they had all kinds workshops and things for the kids to do and a flower sale every spring I think.

Stephanie said...

That place is awesome!
Miles, Ashley and Kellen took a class there a couple of summers ago. They loved it and got to dress in medieval costumes.

Margaret said...

Fabulous place...super cool. Wish we had a place like that in Houston... :(