Quite A Saturday

Today was quite the day for us.

DH ran one of our male dogs in the UKC Hunting Beagle Nationals not far from here. For those of you not up on your Beagle lingo, that's where all of the guys who register their Beagles with the United Kennel Club (like AKC, only different) go at ungodly hours of the morning on cold, windy, rainy days in April each year to let their dogs chase rabbits and they are scored for different things and minused for other things. I'm all about the details, people.

He left the house at 5 AM. I went into Steven's room, brought him into our bed so I could get back to sleep.

Dh called with the bad news and the bad news around 11. He had been beat by another dog, but he had won the 50/50 raffle.

I ran a couple of errands, got the boys and myself ready, made some pistachio pudding and headed off to my Mom's house. I'll post the pistachio pudding recipe on The Fat Bottomed Girl tomorrow.

The reason for heading to Mom's today was not just any old visit. My Great Uncle Larry passed away last week, he was cremated and the memorial service was today.

We haven't seen Uncle Larry in years. His health has been bad for a long time. He was a diabetic, had trouble seeing and died due to a heart-attack. We also haven't seen his children for years, so this was an awkward day for everyone. It was a strange way for everyone to get back together.

The preacher asked everyone to share memories of Uncle Larry, but I didn't. The only memories of him I have are laying on my Great Grandma's couch in front of an old box fan, rolling his own cigarettes.

I also remember that one of my teachers in high school had grown up with Larry. He told me how they used to play golf while, ahem, "under the influence". They didn't play it like golf, though. Once they got the ball to the green, they'd lay on their stomachs use their golf clubs like pool cues. Not exactly something you'd like to shout from the rooftops. :o)

Afterward, Mom had a pot luck at her house. We weren't sure exactly how many people would be coming, but free food in this family can bring people out of the woodwork. I'm happy to say that everything went smoothly. DH stopped by on his way home from the hunt and Steven rode home with him. I have to give him credit for coming to something I didn't even want to be at. He's a good man.

I took Mandy's boys home with me. It seems like when the boys get together it's never long enough. Mandy takes Matthew a lot and Steven goes occasionally. I feel bad that I don't take my nieces and nephews more. They are little for such a short time and they all get a long so well. I guess I don't generally have kids over much on the weekends because of babysitting. The weekends are when I get to be with just DH and the boys. Even though we are often doing our own things, it is nice to just be home without extra people hanging around.

Mandy came to pick up the boys and I couldn't wait to give her the little item I got in the mail today. It was a 'dream kit' from an online health survey I took. The dream kit had two sets of cards in it and one of them explained the meaning behind several popular dreams. I thought it would come in handy for Mandy in light of her strange dreams she's been having.

I'm off to bed now. We have a couple of busy days ahead of us. Our nieces on DH's side are being confirmed on Monday night and DH and I are sponsoring them. Practice in in the morning and after this tiring day for DH and I (mostly for DH- 5 AM and outside all day), we will need the rest.


scribbit said...

I'll have to pay Fat Bottomed Girl a visit and get the recipe. Yum for pistachios.

Margaret said...

Do I want to know what the beagles do if/when they catch the rabbits?

Mandy said...

I tried to use the dream kit this morning but couldn't find the card where I shave my head! Must not be a common dream LOL!