And So It Begins

The warm weather has finally come to Ohio. It gave us a short visit a few weeks ago just to tease us before two weeks of cold and snow. It's April and it's Ohio... what else can I say? At least it's back now and hopefully to stay.

With the warm weather comes a flurry of activity for us.

1. Matthew has started baseball. His practices have been sporadic at best and the weather hasn't helped at all with that. His games begin next week and have us tied up two or three evenings a week through the middle of June.

2. My SIL had the first neighborhood fire of the year. The last two years, we've had the first fire at our house and it was FREEZING both times. Last year we were all sitting around the fire wrapped up in blankets. It was toasty and warm this time. Shelly is hired for hosting the first fire from now on if she can produce that kind of weather.

Cookouts and fires will now be a regular occurrence through about October.

3. We spent the weekend catching up on housework, dog work and yard work. The cold weather put off my in-law's garden and it put us a little behind on some maintenance projects we wanted to get done. I'd like to say that we are caught up, but around here, one project gets crossed off the list and two more get added.

4. On the way to the grocery store (Wally World this time), Steven mentioned his birthday. His birthday isn't until June 12, but he recently got to celebrate it at school and he's got birthday on the brain. I quickly realized that it is a mere 6 weeks away. I usually have it planned well before we head off to Canada since we come home and have his party within the next week or so.

I have planned the menu (it's always hot dogs and hamburgers) and have some of it on order, so I am not too far behind.

I told him that it would be great to get started on the planning and we made a stop at the party supply store for ideas and prices. We only ended up buying a #5 candle, but we got some ideas. Hey, it's a start!
5. Matthew's bus driver (who is a friend of the family) mentioned that Parks & Rec. will be starting in June. She runs the program every year. There is one day a week dedicated to making a craft, Fridays are for swimming at the city pool not too far away and she takes a few really nice trips each year. It runs M/W/F through the end of July.
The trips differ each year, but in the past we've gone to NASA Glenn Research Center and some great museums. Those are the trips I like. She also takes the kids to Geauga Lake every year at the end of the program.
I love the program, but it gets exhausting trying to go all the time. I select a few days to go and only about one trip. Steven is still too young to take to Geauga Lake. He is too small for a lot of the rides and I loathe most amusement/water parks.

Our calendar is filling up quickly, so if you want us to show up at any given event, better get your invite in the mail pronto. It never fails to amaze me how quickly those weekends get claimed for this or that.


Stephanie said...

Doesn't it seem like summer is gone before it even starts? -sigh- I assume we will be seeing you the end of July at a wedding too! :)

Mandy said...

We have a full calendar here too! Don't forget the family reunion this weekend and Brandon's birthday party is going to be Saturday May 12. We can't do Sundays because of Jason's work.

Margaret said...

First of all - I am a June 11 b-day - very cool he is so close to me!! Second - when you said "neighborhood fire" - it took me forever to stop worrying. Sheesh. :D

Kailani said...

I know what you mean. I only have one child old enough to enroll in activities and yet it seems to keep us so busy!

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