How Will We Squeeze In All This Fun?!?!

I have no idea how we'll do it, but we will! There is so much going on in this little blogging neighborhood in the next few days! Here's a list in no particular order:

~ Mary at Owlhaven is hosting MY DAY. Blog about your day with or without pictures.
~The two expectant twin sisters Janice and Susan at 5 Minutes For Mom are hosting The Ultimate Blog Party with lots of prizes. Make sure you stop back by for it. I have some prizes of my own to give away right here.
~ I am working on my Make It From Scratch post for Stephanie's carnival. This week is challenge week and we are to make something we've never made before. I have a couple of ideas, but I haven't committed to just one yet. Challenge week also means prizes there! WOO!

I have a feeling I will be suffering from some major typer's cramp or carpel tunnel syndrome after all this. :o)

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scribbit said...

Your one busy woman with all these blogging plans. It's all I can do to hang in there with my daily posts and a few comments.