"The Bermuda Triangle"

Yesterday reminded me of that line from Sleepless in Seattle, "...What do they call it when everything intersects?"

"The Bermuda Triangle."

It was one of those days when everything just happened all at once.

It all started Tuesday when my SIL called about my MIL's birthday (Which is today. Happy Birthday, Fran!). She mentioned making rotisserie chickens on Wednesday night, but my niece had therapy for her knee at 3:30. I offered to make both chickens and host the dinner here at 5 PM Wednesday to ease the time conflict for her.

Then, I had picked up, filled out and dropped off an application for a PT job in town. They called me back about 90 minutes after I had returned the application to schedule an interview. I was so excited that I agreed to 5:30 Wednesday night.

THEN, I am a substitute in the kitchens for our local school district. I have been called all of 3 times in the last 3 months for 1.5 hours each time. This time, one of the cooks called me to offer a 4 hour shift on, what else, Wednesday. I would be done by 1 and if I had turned it down, I would have hurt my chances of getting called back again; so I agreed.

It was a busy day to say the least.

The interview went well, but I still need to discuss it with DH. The hours are late afternoon, so I would miss eating with DH and the boys every weeknight. It also doesn't pay a lot, so by the time we would get a sitter for the boys, DH could actually work an hour of overtime each night and make the same amount. I think I am better off waiting until a full time position opens up in the schools. The retirement in the schools can't be beat and I would have the same snow days, holidays and summers off as the kids do. For now, I think I will be staying on my current path.

Today, I am taking pictures for Owlhaven's MY DAY party on Friday. I should have taken them yesterday, but I seriously don't know where I would have found the time to take any pictures. Today is a more normal (read boring)day.

I hope to get back later on to post again. Have a great day!

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Stephanie said...

Yeah working in the school system can't be beat for moms! Can't wait to see your pictures!